klaser_md Therapeutic Laser Treatment


We are excited to introduce you to Therapeutic Laser. Class IV K laser stimulates tissue repair and growth, accelerating wound healing while decreasing pain, inflammation reproduction, increase circulation, stimulate the immune system and nerve regeneration, and relax muscular spasms. The result is resolution of pain and inflammatory symptoms associated with acute or chronic disease, and improved healing of injuries.


It is effective for joint and spinal pain such as slipped discs or hip dysplasia. It also helps to heal chronic dermatitis, and relieves oral pain from severe gum disease.


Because of its deep penetration, it can be applied over the skin to treat asthma and chronic bladder disease.


Therapeutic Laser is safe, non-invasive and side-effect free. It provides dramatic results, often after the first treatment, and enables patients to reduce their need for pain medications. Typically, a course of 6 treatments are given, over a period of 3 weeks, and then monthly repeats. Each treatment is an out- patient procedure taking 5-10 minutes, without need for anesthesia. If you think your pet might benefit from Therapeutic laser, call and ask to speak to Dr. Lugten.

Low Volume Vaccines


Up ‘til now, vaccines for all dogs have been the same size (1ml), whether it is being given to a 2 pound puppy or a 120lb Mastiff. So when vaccinating small puppies and even small adults, there has always been a fear that a painful vaccine reaction may be more likely to occur. But now, we are pleased to introduce “Ultra” Duramune low volume vaccines. This line of Boehringer Ingelheim vaccines has been specially filtered & purified to give a more comfortable vaccine with only half the volume. With fewer extraneous proteins, we expect fewer painful reactions.


The new Low Volume vaccines contain the full dose of viral or bacterial antigen, so the immunity conferred to disease is not compromised. There is one vaccine for canine Distemper, infectious Hepatitis, and Parvovirus , and another for the 4 strains of Leptospirosis infection.