Compassion for animals – Beyond the front gate

Our lives are dedicated to caring for animals. All day we see pet dogs and cats that need our help to alleviate suffering. They are brought to us by people who are anguished by the thought of their pet being in pain. It is a privilege to be able to restore happiness to these situations.

Of course, I’m sure most of us would share that same compassion towards any sentient creature. That is why people go to great lengths to care for stray cat populations, or volunteer at shelters for abandoned dogs. But at times, a severe case of cognitive dissonance intrudes the holding of 2 contradictory opinion at the same time. Picture the society lady in her elegant fur coat clutching her beloved little Papillion. Of course, she would scream blue murder if someone was to take her precious and snap him in a leg hold trap, leaving him to starve for two days before knocking him senseless and skinning him alive. The very thought of it is an outrage! Yet she is happy for Mink to be treated that way so that she can wear them on her back.

The fact is that, wild caught or farmed, the animal fur trade is an extremely cruel business, and its products, in the form of “trim” for various garments, far more widespread than many people suspect. The cruelty of industry towards animals goes on: puppy mills, factory farming, slaughter houses, racehorse doping, and cosmetic testing. Do animals have rights? They do not have the same rights that we do because they are incapable of accepting the same responsibilities. But if we are to demand Human Rights for ourselves, we cannot logically deny sentient animal one right – the right to Animal Welfare, or to be treated with respect.

Animal welfare also implies for all species the right to a habitat. As human population pressure increases and the climate changes, countless animal species, from the charismatic to the obscure, face extinction.

This degradation of the environment ultimately comes right back home to threaten ourselves, with flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts. In a very real sense, compassion for animals that live outside our front gate returns to benefit the family living inside. The key is to stay aware, to follow what is going on in the world.

Where do you shop? What do you buy? Use your purchasing power to send a message. Charitable contributions: there are hundreds of worthy causes just waiting to flood your mailbox with heart-rendering pleas. And political contributions – Congress is under relentless pressure from corporations seeking to expand animal and environmental abuses. Remind your lawmaker of your views, and remember your compassion for animals on election day.

In conclusion, Apathy will kill defenseless animals, so always exercise your right to vote.

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