Don’t Let Nice Kitty Become a Psycho- killer Zombie on Speed!

That’s what can happen to a cat that contracts rabies. Like a zombie, it’s brain has been commandeered by the virus and it doesn’t know or care who you are anymore. All it can think of is how to bite you, and, unlike a zombie, it can be super- fast and very scary.
Rabies occurs from time to time on Long Island. Currently, Nassau County has sent out an alert concerning a rabid raccoon near Hicksville that had come into contact with a domestic animal. Cats are more dangerous than dogs as far as transmitting rabies to people, and far less likely to have had their “shots”. Even if your cat is “strictly indoors”, it is at risk.
a) It could slip out of the house just briefly. An attack from a rabid animal would take but an instant, and may not be observed.
b) Rabid animals have been known to break into houses, i.e. through screen doors, and bats can get indoors , also.
c) Adopting stray kittens or young cats into the house carries risks, including the risk that the newcomer may prove to have rabies: very bad news indeed for any unvaccinated cats already in the house.
So, don’t run the risk that your nice kitty could become a psycho- killer zombie on speed.
Vaccinate your cat or cats (all of them), whether indoors or out, today!

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