Euthanasia of Pets At Home


Did you know that it is technically illegal for veterinarians to make house calls for the purpose of putting pets to sleep? While almost all veterinarians will perform this compassionate service when necessary, it contravenes the Controlled Substances Act. Which makes it illegal to take controlled drugs outside of the registered clinic or hospital.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has recently expressed a determination to strictly enforce this provision. This action will probably put an end to compassionate house calls after the first few veterinarians have been made an example of.


To remedy this, bills have been introduced into the House and the Senate that will allow transport of controlled drugs on house calls. Please call you senator and ask them to support bill S.950-a companion to the veterinary medicine mobility act of 2013, and your representative in the House, to support HR.1528 of the same name. Explain that you are a pet owning votes and you want your vet to have the right to make compassionate house calls when needed.

Your senators are: Hon. Chuck Schumer

Phone 202-224-6542

and Hon. Kirsten Gillibrand

Phone 202-224-4451

The representative for District 2 is Peter King

Phone 202-225-7896

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