Feline Infectious Peritonitis Viral Mutation Found

FIP is a frustrating and ultimately fatal disease of cats, a type of corona virus that is widespread among the normal intestinal flora of most cats. Acquired at an early age, the virus persists in the gut of most cats for the cats entire life without causing any problem. However, in 2-5% of cats at any age, whether they are indoors or out, a spontaneous mutation of the corona virus may occur. The virus then turns into a virulent strain that leaves the intestine of the blood stream where it creates a slowly but inevitably fatal disease. At present, there is no reliable test to tell the difference between normal and mutant corona viruses, so the disease is difficult to diagnose.  A newly discovered mutation in the virus protein coat could help explain how the disease occurs and lead to better diagnostic and treatment measure. Until then, prevention remains the best option. In my experience; the FIP vaccine has proven safe and effective and is advisable for all cats.

One thought on “Feline Infectious Peritonitis Viral Mutation Found

  1. My cat TyTy died of this Disease at a young age. Thankfully we started treating my other Cat Oreo right away. It was a very Scary time, but Oreo was fine & lived almost 19yrs. I continued to get him the FIP drops every year & do the same with my new kitties Romeo & Rambo. I highly recommend preventative treatment, I know it saved my baby Oreo’s life!

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