Inhalent Therapy For Feline Asthma



“Asthma” is a common respiratory disease in cats which can range in severity from mild (infrequent cough/gag) to life threatening , when daily medication is essentially to prevent severe distress. Often, however, the problem with cats lies in the actual administration of daily medication.
Asthma in cats can be treated with oral medications (primarily prednisolone) or monthly injections (long-lasting cortcosteroid – risk side-effects), or by metered dose inhaler therapy with a cortisone (FLOVENT). The principle advantage of the inhaler therapy technique is that the medicine is not absorbed into the entire body, just the lungs, so there are rarely any side-effects. The drawbacks that are associated with administration technique (patient cooperation) and expense (it is important to know a cheap, reliable source of ‘Flovent’).
If you have a cat with symptoms of asthma, or are having difficulty with treatment compliance, contact us about the possibility of switching to inhaler therapy.

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