Internet Pharmacies and Repackaged Veterinary Drugs


We all know that if we order Heartworm Preventatives, or flea and tick control topical products, they come in a box, issued by the manufacturer, that contains dosage instructions and precautions, lot number and expiration dates where appropriate. Unless, that is, you order your Trifexis or Comfortis from an on-line pharmacy: then the pills will be ripped from their custom designed enclosure and dumped into a plain orange vial with a 1-800 label on it. Gone is the assurance that you have the full weight of the manufacturer bearing down to crush any verminious or arthropodius threats to your pets well being. It could be anything in the relabeled orange pill vial-out of date, from another country, who knows. “Same as from your veterinarian” it is not-and the only thing “less” about it is that it will not be guaranteed by the manufacturer. So don’t waste your money on the 1-800 pharmacies. They should be purchased from your veterinarian, or the veterinarians own on-line ethical pharmacy.

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