POISON HAZARD FOR DOGS-Single use Laundry pods (capsules)

A recent report from Great Britain highlights the danger lurking in our laundry rooms from liquid laundry pods or capsule, which have become available in the US since 2012. Dogs are more likely to ingest these capsules than other types of detergent products. Sometimes multiple capsules have been ingested at once.

The most common signs were vomiting, coughing, frothing, and retching. A dog that lay on the capsule and burst it developed a dermal burn. 3 dogs with ocular exposure developed corneal ulcers. 2 of 3 dogs that aspirated the contents of the capsule after vomiting developed pneumonia.

Of the 63 dogs that were exposed to the detergent, 7 had no symptoms, 53 recovered fully, 1 dies and was euthanized. The latter 2 has complications including collapse, dehydration, bloody diarrhea, labored respiration, rapid heart rate and renal failure.

The authors of the report warn that there is risk of severe adverse effects from exposure to liquid laundry detergent capsule. Dr Lugten recommends to keep this product on a high shelf out of the reach of dogs at all times. Or more safely, use laundry powders and other old-fashioned forms of laundry detergent.

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