Protect Compounded Medicine

Many of the pets seen at Basic Pet Care are treated with compounded medicines, in fact, it is likely the the same applies to many of their owners. Compounded medicines are versions of a drug prepared by specialized pharmacies when there is no manufactured dose of a drug in the appropriate size or formulation suitable fir the patient. For instance, when it is impossible to give a cat a pill, then the cat will need a compounded version of the medicine or, as is often the case, when a vital drug goes on prolonged manufacturer’s back order, we have to obtain a compounded version, but there is a major problem. In a misguided attempt to make compounded medicines safer, the US congress is proposing legislation that will severely restrict the ability of veterinarians (and doctors) to prescribe or dispense compounded medicines at all. This bill, S.959, will simply put a stop to our ability to treat dogs and cats who can’t be treated with the standard manufactured pill, and also when the standard pill goes on back order, like prednisone did this summer.

If you value the ability to treat your pet with compounded medicine I strongly urge you to phone our New York senators and explain to them exactly why.

Senator Charles Schumer can be reached at 202-224-6542 or email

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand can be reached at 202-224-4451, or email

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