Therapeutic Baths

At Basic Pet Care Animal Hospital we have skilled staff on hand to take care of your dog or cat’s bathing needs. We are also able to shave-down dogs or “lion-cut” cats that need tranquilizer or heavy sedation. Our therapeutic baths include plucking the ears, emptying the scent-glands and a nail trim.

Dogs and sometimes cats tend to get dirty and develop smelly coats. Routine bathing and grooming are necessary to remove dirt, dander, grease, odor and excessive hair, giving a shiny fragrant coat, and a happier less itchy pet. Shampoos should be designed for pets, not “people” shampoos which can be too drying and have the wrong pH for dogs and cats. Non-medicated shampoos will gently clean your pet’s coat. This will also remove pollens and other allergens that may cling to the coat and provoke an allergic response.

Medicated shampoos may be necessary in the treatment of seborrhea and other types of skin disease. These shampoos can kill unwanted bacteria and fungus, help to remove scale and cleanse dirt and debris from hair follicles. Flea shampoos, though available, are not an effective method of flea control and we do not recommend them. A dog or cat with fleas needs a specific flea control program and will also benefit from cleansing or medicated shampoos to soothe its skin. (See Comprehensive Flea Control) If your pet has a skin condition involving flaking, scaling, bacterial infections, or fungal infections, Dr Lugten may prescribe a medicated shampoo.

To Give A Bath At Home

To bathe your pet with any shampoo, first wet your pet with warm water, Shake the shampoo bottle and dispense a small amount into your palm. Gently message the shampoo into the coat adding water as you go to help disperse the shampoo. For medicated bathing, allow the shampoo to remain on the coat for 10 minutes so the active ingredients have time to do their job. Then rinse well. Shampoo as often as your veterinarian recommends. A medicated shampoo may be followed by a conditioner. Conditioners which may contain cortisone or antihistamine are designed to remain in the coat after the bath. After rinsing out the shampoo, the conditioner is applied and messaged into the coat. It may be slightly rinsed, or not rinsed at all, to leave a soothing layer of moisture in the coat.