Three images of cats and dogs in the boarding kennels at Basic Pet Care Animal Hospital.
When you board your pet

For the protection of all our guests- your pet, Surgery patients, and other boarders- we require that your pet be up to date with the basic inoculations: the yearly distemper, rabies, Lepto, Bordatella, and Influenza for dogs and Rabies and Distemper for cats.

Canine Kennel Cough

Canine kennel cough (infectious trecheobronchitis) is transmitted by an airborne virus complex. While current vaccines can protect against only three of thirteen known components of this complex. (Para influenza, adenovirus type 2, and bordatella) protection against these three can significantly reduce (not eliminate) the incidence of canine cough. We therefore require the Bordatella vaccine. For effective immunization, your pet should receive it 3-4 days before boarding, if it has not been given within the last 6 months. This is the preferred schedule; the vaccine can, of course, be given at the actual time of boarding.

K9 influenza

This relatively recent disease is highly contagious and much more dangerous. Symptoms initially resemble those of “Kennel Cough” but may progress to pneumonia and can be fatal despite intensive care. Vaccination should be preformed preferably a few days before boarding and a booster given 3 weeks later will ensure a full 1 year of protection.

Special Food

If you would like to keep your pet on his usual food, plan to bring it with you- properly labeled- and your pet will definitely receive his own diet.

Treasures from home

If you feel that something with the “scent” from home will ease separation anxieties, by all means bring it along. Something like a little towel, a T-Shirt, a chew toy, or a bone. But, do not leave actual “treasures” and favorite toys from home. We do our best to keep track of things, but losses can occur. Or you pet may annihilate that object from home in spite- oh yes, it happens now and then!


Absolutely, bring along any medications that your pet is on. And please be sure they are properly labeled- name and dosage. If it is heartworm prevention, bring along that medication too. If we have to unseal packages or containers in our own inventory, we shall have to bill you accordingly.

Emergency telephone numbers

Plan to leave the telephone number of a relative or close friend to be called in an emergency. Or perhaps you can leave a “vacation phone” with us. Otherwise, it becomes the hospital’s prerogative to act responsibility on your behalf.

Baths before going home

Our kennel area is scrubbed and disinfected daily. However, incoming clients for office visits, or baths, occasionally bring those nasty little critters, fleas, with them- and some may escape into the kennel area. Our policy is to bathe dogs and cats at no extra charge if they stayed for 5 days or more whenever we specifically know the timing of their pick-up. If your pet is staying for fewer than 5 days, you may request a bath on the morning of its going home at an additional charge.


Our kennel staff provides a generous amount of TLC in addition to clean quarters, fresh water and food. Many animals do very well in a kennel situation, actually enjoying the visual company of other animal friends (visual only, there is no direct contact between guests). However, a kennel environment is not home. For older pets especially, or very nervous pets, the boarding experience can be very stressful. And stress can have physical, as well as emotional, consequences. Owners must be aware of this, and must therefore, unfortunately, be prepared for such consequences.


We welcome your questions at anytime, and we are always ready to listen attentively to any concerns you may have.