Vitamins and Supplements

vitamin_header       There are many vitamins & supplements that we frequently recommend for dogs and cats at different stages of their lives or for different medical reasons.

Some of the most commonly dispensed are:

  • Allerderm EFA gelcaps, reg + high strength, k9, feline, add to food, for coat condition
  • Anxitane k9, for anxiety
  • Arthrimaxx: k9, feline: liquid, add to food, glucosamine +multisupplement for arthritis
  • Azodyl capsules: k9, feline, for renal disease
  • Biotic pH- (Wysong) powder, k9, feline:digestive aid, urine acidifier
  • Canine Plus multivitamin tablet: for growing dogs
  • Cornucopia Phyto/ Super Food: k9, powder, promotes bone & joint health
  • Cosequin: k9, feline: glucosamine, chondroitin for arthritis, tracheal collapse
  • Curcumin. Super-Bio: capsules, k9, cancer fighting properties
  • Cruciferous Vegetable Extract: capsules, k9, cancer fighting properties
  • Dasuquin with MSM: k9, feline, capsules, glucosamine + multisupplement for arthritis
  • Denamarin tablets: k9, feline, for liver disease
  • EFAC Periodontal Health; k9, feline apply to gums, for gingivitis
  • Endurosyn gel: k9, feline prevention & relief from diarrhea
  • Enisyl powder, gel, pills, treats: feline lysine for herpes eye infections
  • Epakitin powder: k9, feline, calcium supplement for renal disease
  • Felovite II gel: feline multivitamin, taurine supplement
  • Forti-Flora powder: k9, feline pre- & probiotic digestive aid
  • Geriform tablets: k9 helps restore cognitive power
  • Harmonease tablets: k9, for obsessive / compulsive behaviors
  • Laxatone paste: feline, hairball remedy
  • Novifit tablets: k9, feline SAMe for cognitive health
  • Osteo-3 tablets, k9: glucosamine + multisupplement for arthritis
  • Pet Cal Tablets: k9, calcium, for pregnancy, to prevent eclampsia
  • Phycox chew tabs: k9, glucosamine + multisupplement for arthritis
  • Potassium Citrate granules: k9, feline, to avoid formation of oxalate bladder stones
  • Prozyme powder: k9, feline: enzyme supplement, digestive aid
  • RenaKare gel, powder, pills: k9, feline potassium supplement for renal patients
  • Renal Essentials tablets: k9, feline to promote kidney health
  • S3 Softchews: k9, glucosamine + multisupplement for arthritis
  • Uromaxx: liquid, add to food, k9, feline, for urinary tract disease
  • Vetraliver feline: casules, for liver disease
  • Vitamin B12 injection: k9, feline, every 1-3 weeks, for GI or renal disease
  • Vitamin K1 injection, pills: k9, feline: rat poison antidote
  • WelActin fishoils, feline: for coat, overall wellness

The doctor & staff will be happy to talk to you about any supplements that may be appropriate for your pet.

The following websites provide more information about some of these products: