The Value of Yearly Veterinary Check-ups



Surveys indicate a nationwide decline in the number of pets receiving yearly vet. examinations. Dogs are mostly indoors and outdoors, so the importance of yearly vaccines, particularly against leptospirosis, and the heartworm test, are clear to most dog owners.

It is common for cats these days to be kept completely indoors. This is a much safer arrangement than allowing them out, greatly reducing the risk of a car accident, cat fight wounds, and infectious disease. Cat owners may be tempted to suppose that yearly check-up for shots don’t matter so much. But cats need a yearly physical, their teeth to be checked, and certain vaccines such as FIP even when they don’t go out. The Partners for Healthy Pets program is starting a $5.5 million advertising campaign to promote yearly checkups as being “as essential as food and love” for dogs and cats. Keep a look out for the ads. and for your yearly reminders in the mail!

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