Therapeutic Laser Can Really Help Older Large Arthritic Dogs

On a recent Friday evening I saw 2 consecutive patients suffering from the type of complaint all too common in older dogs of the larger breeds. With their hip arthritis, and their back pain, and their bad knees, they get to the point where once they lie down, they don’t want to or cannot get back up. At this point, the conversation often turns towards euthanasia, or perhaps a canine cart to strap the back end into.

Kramer is a 13 year old 91 lb mixed breed who we have been taking care of since he was a youngster. He sits on the exam table with big eyes, but this morning he could not get up on his back legs, and his owner feared the worst. Baron is a 12 year old 84 lb Bernese Mountain mix that we had become very fond over the last 8 years, and he also went down that day and could not get up. Their arthritis and their muscle atrophy was pretty severe, but once lifted, they were both ambulatory, so I was confident that I could help.

I used injections and conventional medicines to help improve joint cartilage, muscle mass and to fight inflammation and pain.Our class IV therapeutic laser is powerful enough to reach the hips, the vertebrae and the inner knee joint. It provides deep energy to promote healing and fight pain. After the first treatment (about 10 minutes on each side) I was relieved to see that they were visibly more comfortable. Treatments were scheduled for twice weekly for the first two to three weeks, and, happily, both old friends are greatly improved.

Therapeutic laser is a treatment I strongly recommend for older dogs whose mobility is starting to decline.

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